EuroPan Demo: pan-European Deep Modelling Framework for improved system operation planning/forecasting and analysis on the inter-TSO level


The EuroPan Demo is the subject of WP7  with the goal to produce improved system operation planning/forecasting and analysis tools – on the inter-TSO level. The effort starts from the capability of the FARCROSS partners to derive accurate weather forecasting at a high level of spatial resolution, such that models of RES generation and load forecasting reach high accuracy results. These model-predictions of power are then fed as input to power flow analysis tools to support TSO operation and cross border collaboration.

Figure 1 Determining the appropriate spatial resolution according to the geography (oreography) under investigation

Early on, the FARCROSS partners have teamed-up to start the system design and the analysis of requirements, while working in parallel on the technical implementation and the data needed for the model parameter tuning and simulation results’ validation.

The weather forecasting results are already under comparison with existing historic data – several months ahead of schedule – to determine the appropriate model parametrization for given geographic idiosyncrasies. Additional data are collected from the responsible TSOs on specific Points of Interest to trim the model parameters on the areas with a real-life interest.

Figure 2 Comparison of real-data vs. wind predictions (for 2018) in the form of wind roses for the area of Debrecen (Hungary)