The WAMS Demo is the subject of WP6: Implementation of a Wide-Area Protection, Automation and Control system (WAMPAC) applied to Cross-Border Transmission Systems.

The first Task of WP6 deals with preliminary studies that are needed previously to the deployment of WAMPAC DEMO.

T6.1 works in different lines:
– Analysing, using Digsilent software, the dynamic model of Greek network with the aim to:

  • Know the best location of PMUs for the DEMO
  •  Reproduce oscillations

– Analysis and assessment, using MATLAB, of different methods for detecting oscillations: Prony method, Matrix Pencil, Least Squares…
– Joint analysis of the previous two points to detect the oscillations generated in the model with the methods developed is in process.
– Initial tests have been applied in CIRCE laboratory with real PMUs and PDC:

  • Connection of RTDS with GTNET PMU card to PDC in laboratory
  • Connection of PMU in laboratory with the PDC using c37.118 protocol