This report provides an overview of FARCROSS exploitation activities plan and it is related with Task 10.2. The deliverable focuses on the exploitation activities conducted in the first year, as well as on the planned activities for the following years. In addition, it investigates the opportunities and challenges towards successful exploitation, presents the project’s strategic impacts with the relevant KPIs and addresses each partner’s individual exploitation strategy. Since the general exploitation strategy starts in the first month of the project, in this first deliverable the exploitation strategy baseline is established and in the next deliverables the conducted exploitation activities will be updated and reported based on the project’s progress. Although exploitation normally happens at the end of the project, the FARCROSS project has developed a good framework for exploitation and focuses on the best possible usage of the end results. In close collaboration with demo leaders, the UBE team also coordinates at this stage how to promote the innovative technologies and services, as well as how to implement them into the energy markets.