The specific deliverable entitled “Project Management Handbook” provides the definition of the processes and mechanisms to be utilized and followed during the lifecycle of the FARCROSS project towards the successful execution of its tasks and achievement of its objectives. Its purpose is to identify the processes, the metrics and the supportive documentation that is required and needs to be defined and deployed so as to ensure the high-quality of FARCROSS deliverables and project management activities. In the FARCROSS project, complying with the project management procedures falls under the responsibility of the Project Coordinator, as well as the Work Packages leaders and Tasks leaders. Effective channels of internal communication have been established from M1 in order to exchange all the necessary information for the project implementation among the participants. The means for remotely conveying information for the FARCROSS purposes range from e-mail communication through dedicated mailing lists and teleconferencing facilities to an internal collaboration space for document management and task management activities. Regarding the project meetings, an analysis of expectations and responsibilities has been performed while a tentative schedule of project meetings for the whole implementation of the FARCROSS project has been prepared. The implementation aspects regarding co-creation and consultation mechanisms, official and internal reporting procedures, decision-making and conflict resolution processes to be applied during the FARCROSS implementation have been defined in detail. Document control aspects regarding the documentation requirements, templates and naming conventions and versioning have been also specified and agreed. Emphasis is laid on quality assurance of results, which is achieved with the help of audit control mechanisms internal to the consortium for the deliverables and appropriate corrective actions to be taken. A specific quality procedure shall be followed at preparation time of all deliverables. In order to facilitate the internal review process, reviewers (apart from the Project Coordinator and the deliverable responsible partners) have been already assigned (for the first reporting period) for each deliverable for early planning of the necessary effort. Finally, the current deliverable provides the definition of a risk management plan by defining a continuous risk assessment and mitigation approach, as well as identifying an initial set of risks that will be monitored and further populated during the project execution.