The report aims to describe in detail the design and implementation process of a Wide-Area Protection, Automation and Control System (WAMPAC) which is deployed in the Greek power transmission system. A rigorous analysis was carried out for different measurement techniques of inter-area oscillation and various methods were compared, such as EMO-ESPRIT, Matrix-Pencil, Prony, Extended Kalman filter, etc. Based on the results of the analysis and considering actual procedures and recommendations of the TSOs, a standardized inter-area oscillation process was adopted. By examining PSS/E and DigSilent dynamic models of the Greek power transmission system provided from the Greek TSO, critical situations for the network have been identified. Small frequency variations in different parts of the system caused by disturbances can lead to widespread system disturbances. Based on these critical scenario simulations, the optimal location to install each of the PMUs has been selected. Exploiting the laboratory platform that is being used, CIRCE, manufacturers and TSOs selected suitable measurement devices and designed the communication architecture accordingly of the WAMPAC system. Furthermore, TSOs experience and practices were also used as input in the WAMPAC design to exploit the empirical knowledge of the operators. Overall, this deliverable describes the required steps in order to design and pre-demo test the WAMPAC system. This work is crucial to assure that the WAMPAC system is successfully implemented on the actual power system and the objectives of the project will be fully delivered.