This document presents the complete system design of the EUROPAN platform that acts as the blueprint for the development activities. It describes the system objectives – both from a high level and business-oriented perspective, identifies the needs and opportunities for the improvement of services and follows a structured approach towards describing the overall system. The high-level system objectives have already been identified at the FARCROSS proposal preparation phase and have been derived based on the long-term experience of the involved project/ WP participants in the related activities (electricity market, power transmission, weather forecasting and numerical analysis). These ‘high level user needs’ have been specified to the more concretely defined Business Use Cases, that (a) form the basis for a more systematic analysis from a software engineering perspective and (b) provide the link to the value propositions of the system. The system description from the ‘business view’ has considered the existing solutions in the market and the tools currently in use by the main stakeholders (TSOs). The system description then builds upon the validated business objectives to provide different system views, namely functional, information and communication – as presented by the SGAM model. This report summarizes these activities and serves as the technical document of the system specification, as envisaged in its initial development phase. It is complete, in the sense that all user needs are addressed by a respective system functionality and due to the structured methodology used, the detailed system requirements are traceable backwards to the initial user needs.