With respect to the COVID-19 imposed restrictions the 1st Plenary meeting that was scheduled to take place in Vienna March 25th and 26th was replaced by a virtual one using teleconference tools.

In order to have a fruitful meeting, the agenda was reformed and representatives from all partners within FARCROSS met virtually on 26th of March to discuss the project status, any possible cross collaborations and future endeavours. The agenda included administrative, technical and sessions for dissemination, exploitation and communication activities. WP leaders and demo leaders shared their achievements so far and agreed on next actions and steps.

Discussions were made based on the possible delays that might occur in the respective installations from the current lockdown situation across Europe. For the moment, the COVID-19 restrictions have no impact on FARCROSS project.

FARCROSS team would like to share our sincere feelings and best wishes for health and may everyone return safely to our daily routines.