Between March 28th and 30th 2023, the BRIDGE European initiative held its yearly General Assembly, where members of the community gathered to discuss its 93 projects. Currently, 53 of these projects are in progress, and the initiative plans to increase the total number to 150.

During the assembly, the Bridge community reached an agreement to support the establishment and advancement of a use-case repository. This includes developing a dataspace connector to facilitate the exchange of data between local and federated spaces, determining which data should be shared and why, and guaranteeing semantic interoperability among data models.

FARCROSS project participated in BRIDGE GA 2023 in Brussels with Ilias Zafeiropoulos, Technology Director of UBITECH ENERGY, presenting the CBA framework for smart grid and market innovations, at BRIDGE GA Business Models WG.

Recommendations from FARCROSS were presented in Regulations WG of BRIDGE.

On the third and last day of BRIDGE GA 2023 FARCROSS impact on the activities of Business model WG was pointed out.