As Europe attempts to dramatically redesign the interconnected transmission system by employing dynamic line ratings, the ⚡FARCROSS project will employ technological innovations to bring forward the additional benefits gained by increasing interconnectivity between neighboring transmission systems that strongly align with the EU’s vision and policy.

Five demonstrations are planned involving eight different countries that comprise applying hardware and software tools to further renewable energy resources penetration and to provide cross-border engagement, improved harmonization, flexible solutions, and forecasting solutions. These demonstrations include:

  1. Unlocking cross-border capacity with modular power flow control (MPFC) solutions.
  2. Complex grid management technology for handling transmission line capacity-related issues, for example, DLR.
  3. Implementation of wide-area protection, automation, and control system (WAMPAC).
  4. Pan-European deep modeling framework for improved system operation planning/forecasting and analysis at TSO level.
  5. Co-optimized cross-border capacity auction algorithm.