In this paper, the capabilities of a Wide-Area Protection and Control (WAMPAC) lab-scale demonstration (DEMO) is presented. This lab will be used in Work Package 6 of H2020 FARCROSS Project for testing wide-area applications previously to their commissioning in a real DEMO in the Greek Transmission System. The capabilities of this lab-scaled DEMO are presented using the implementation of two different monitoring and protection applications for a proof of concepts. The first application is related to detection of inter-area power oscillations using PMU measurements and applying a remedial action. The second application deals with the comparison of the behavior of three line differential protection strategies: classical implementation using two fiber optic communicated relays, a solution based on values received from PMU and an algorithm receiving IEC 61850 Sampled Values and using open-source libraries in a common computer. These applications are tested by closing the loop using real protection and control hardware in the laboratory with an RTDS™ simulator.

Lab-Scaled DEMO possibilities for testing WAMPAC solutions before field implementation