OneNet project kicks off


OneNet aims at creating the conditions for a new generation of grid services able to fully exploit demand response, storage and distributed generation while creating fair, transparent, and open conditions for the consumer. As result, while creating one network of Europe, the project aims to build a customer-centric approach to grid operation. This ambitious view is achieved by proposing new markets, products and services and by creating a unique IT architecture.

OneNet will address the growing needs of TSO‘s and DSO’s to have real-time insight into the operation of their networks to work in a closely coordinated way, while unlocking and enabling new flexibility markets in a fair and open way. In this concept, FARCROSS, is one of the projects that OneNet will review in order to identify significant scalable technologies and practices implemented on the field regarding the inter-TSO coordination and regional cross-border cooperation. The OneNet project Consortium consists of 72 partners including some of our FARCROSS partners and therefore the collaboration between the two projects is well ensured.