In July 2020, DLR sensors were installed on the Hungarian and Slovak cross-border Göd-Leva 400 kV transmission line in the framework of the 5th work package (WP5) of the FARCROSS (FAcilitating Regional CROSS-border Electricity Transmission through Innovation) project announced by the European Union for the introduction of technologies to make better use of cross-border capacities.

The main goal of the DLR (Dynamic Line Rating) technology solution is to make better use of its load capacity based on real-time weather conditions and load data, taking into account the technical parameters of the transmission lines. The sensors will be installed on a cross-border and an internal transmission line in the countries participating in the program.

The WP5 DLR work package involves transmission system operators from four countries, Austria, Greece, Croatia and Hungary. MAVIR was the second who installed the sensors at the scheduled time.

In addition to MAVIR, experts from C&G, LineVision, Rotech, the University of Maribor and Budapest University of Technology and Economics took part in the installation of the sensors. The sensors have been providing data continuously since their installation.