On Friday 13th of January 2023, Katerina Drivakou, Energy Systems Researcher at UBITECH ENERGY, participated in the 1st Knowledge Sharing Session of the BRIDGE Regulation WG, which was held online, presenting “Regulatory challenges towards increased regional cross-border cooperation: the FARCROSS project perspective”. BRIDGE Knowledge Sharing Sessions aim to facilitate the exchange of knowledge and good practices between the projects participating in the initiative by enabling them to present in these sessions specific topics or insights that may go beyond the scope of the Regulation WG work plan.

In particular, in her presentation Katerina presented the views of the H2020 FARCROSS Innovation Action focusing on 1) the project’s findings regarding the existing regulatory challenges to cross-border cooperation highlighting the aspect of barriers to innovation and on 2) how FARCROSS solutions can contribute to overcoming these challenges.

You can find the presentation