The paper “Testbed para Defensa ante Amenazas Híbridas contra Redes Eléctricas” (“Testbed for Defense against Hybrid Threats in Electric Networks”  was presented in the IX National Defense and Security R&D Congress (DESEi+d 2022). The event took place at the “General Morillo” base of the Spanish Army, located in Pontevedra (Galicia), on November 15th, 16th and 17th. There were three plenary tables focused on technological innovation applied to Defense and close to 150 presentations that covered all the areas of action of the Defense Technology and Innovation Strategy (ETID 2020), and in which more than 350 people used.

The paper presents a hybrid testbed that can be used for security tests in WAMPAC (Wide Area Monitoring Protection and Control) scenarios in FARCROSS project. In these scenarios, a number of distributed elements must interact through the exchange of information through data networks. The security of the different elements used in FARCROSS, as the Primary Domain Controller, has been tested in the presence of two different kinds of attacks: an undesired circuit break opening, and the avoidance of the actuation of a system in the presence of a real fault.